Local constituents express concerns to Rep. Gary Palmer during town hall



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Attendees not Constituents

The people who were at the meeting were #resist demonstrators from out of the district. They had orchestrated this rigged Town Hall Friday on line. Real constituents were left outside the building and could not make their concerns known. This was a "fake town hall". Too bad no one bothered to check .

Linda Chastain more than 1 year ago


This was a very good town hall. I appreciate Representative Palmer for speaking to his constituents in light of the recent town hall meetings across the country. I give him credit for meeting with many of us who disagree with many of his views, while many of his colleagues, including our two Alabama Senators, did not hold town hall meetings. As one of the hundreds of constituents who showed up on Saturday (read: "constituents" who live in District 6, NOT "demonstrators from out of the district", I thank Congressman Palmer. As for keeping out "real constituents", the only reason any constituents were kept out of the town hall was because there were too many of them to fit in the room, so most had to stand outside.

Andrea Winslett more than 1 year ago

Oh yes, we are

I personally know quite a few of the people who were there. I was there, inside. We absolutely, positively ARE real constituents. I certainly am.

We're finally getting off of our behinds and getting out in public, that's all.

Marion Gropen more than 1 year ago

Attendees not constituents

You obviously didn't get in. We all signed in & most wore their zip codes to show exactly where we lived. Perhaps you would like to join us at a neighborhood meeting? We came early because we wanted our voices heard.

Christine more than 1 year ago

Attendees not Constituents

I beg to differ. I attended as did my husband, daughter, son-in-law, and neighbors. All of us are voting constituents. Everyone I was who I knew was a constituent. Please get your facts straight.

Doreen Duley more than 1 year ago

Concerned Constituents

We live in Congressman Palmer's district and knew that space was limited. It was important to us that we be heard so we arrived at 5:45 am to get in line. People wore their zip codes on stickers and had to sign in with their address to gain entrance.

Jennifer more than 1 year ago

Another Concerned Constituent

I, my Army Veteran husband, and another neighbor attended.We wore our zip codes and names on lanyards, but could not get in due to crowd of other concerned constituents. I was glad he came outside and spoke to us and look forward to attending the next townhall he promised to hold on a larger venue.

Sally Hardig more than 1 year ago

We are REAL not alternative CONSTITUENTS.

Those that I know who attended the Town Hall (and there are many) live in the district, did their homework on the issues they wanted to discuss with Congressman Palmer, and showed up early to ensure that they would be heard. This is what democracy looks like.

Karen more than 1 year ago

Attendees not constituents

Linda, I am sorry that you believe this. I am a District 6 voter. We wore our zip codes on our name tags and signed in with our addresses. Happy that Rep. Palmer plans to hold his next town hall in a larger venue. Hopefully all who wish to attend will be able to do so. Many are concerned about the current administration and I appreciated that Rep. Palmer 1)stated that he knew we were his constituents, 2) listened thoughtfully to concerns. Hope to see you at the next town hall.

Dana Ellis more than 1 year ago


Dana, where were you and the rest of your district when Obama was piece by piece selling this country off to his Muslim Brotherhood friends or making deals with terror-sponsored countries, or signing Executive Orders that took our freedoms away. Thank God above I don't live in District 6.

Lee Jones more than 1 year ago

I'm a constituent who shows up early

Considering that we had been asking for this town hall for weeks, I arrived at 5:30 to ensure that I got a good spot in line. I am very thankful to my Representative, Gary Palmer, for holding a town hall when so many other Republicans in Congress are hiding from their constituents. Contrary to what you might have heard elsewhere, it is possible to live in the same district as someone and disagree with them.

Jennifer Gray more than 1 year ago

Yet another constituent

I got my 72 year old self out of bed well before dawn so I could get to the meeting with MY REPRESENTATIVE Gary Palmer. If anyone has a gripe about not getting inside, blame the Congressman for choosing such a small venue!

Cheryl Fox more than 1 year ago

Not Fake

My husband and I live in District 6. We wore stickers with our zip code and recorded our address as we entered. I cannot speak to the entire room but I can assure you that those around me most certainly were constituents living primarily in VH or MB. It was unfortunate that the venue was so small but Congressman Palmer offered to have future town halls with greater seating capacity so that more CONSTITUENTS may attend.

Robin more than 1 year ago

Resident of Hoover

You are mistaken when you say the Town Hall and constituents were fake. I am a constituent and know many who were involved in this Democratic process.

Jeaane Long more than 1 year ago

Feedback on article

Thank you for writing a positive piece. I have read 2 from local media and you would think that nothing productive came from it. Thank you thank you thank you!

Carol Lowe more than 1 year ago


I live 6.6 miles from the Hoover Civic Center in an Over the Mountain suburb. I am definitely a constituent. As I am active locally for various causes, so I knew about 25% of the people there. "Too bad no one checked?" We wrote down our addresses. There ARE ways to check, if you wanted to waste your time.

SMH. It's hard for me to believe people are that gullible to believe this is fake. The GOP people who are repeating this lie should be ashamed of themselves. Really ashamed. This is the way democracy works, and I saw the same thing on the other side of the aisle with few comments like that. And why would anyone have trouble believing there would be that many people concerned about the direction of our country? You are insulated and isolated if you do not understand that the MAJORITY of the country is at a minimum concerned and frequently freaked out by this administration.

Julia more than 1 year ago


Many of us use the #resist. It's a movement thing, not particular to any organization. I am with three different LOCAL chapters of national organizations. I found them.

Julia Quijano more than 1 year ago