Galleria introduces new signs, service kiosk



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Galleria's Exterior Look

Not wild about the new signs since I liked the elegant swans, but I can live with them. The improvements made to the parking deck and other areas are great, but what really need improving is the ring road around the mall! It's rough to drive on and there are areas with broken pavement and potholes. All of the parking lots needs to be re-striped. That's what really needs work, not just landscape and signs! I hope those things are on the To-Do List!

Carol more than 4 years ago


Agree - what designer picked those colors?

RPS more than 4 years ago

Galleria's new signs

Miss the beautiful swans! The new signs are NOT attractive. Change is not always better.

Stephanie more than 4 years ago

Ugly Color Combo

Saw the new signs yesterday, and they are patently ugly. There is nothing modern looking about the color scheme they chose; it is straight out of the 70s. Surprised they weren't able to incorporate avocado green, too.

Anna more than 4 years ago

Un-inviting Signs

Have to agree sign color or design is not inviting - looks outdated.

Peggy more than 4 years ago


I don't believe a woman would have ever designed those new signs. Ugly colors! The swans were so classy. A good coat of paint was all that was needed.

Becky more than 4 years ago

New signs

Change the news signs. The colors are ugly and dull.

Rhonda more than 4 years ago

New signs

While I am excited that the Galleria is updating their services with a concierge, I am very disappointed with the design for the new street signs. They appear to be a throwback to the 70s with their drab color & lack of style. The swan signs were a classic symbol of elegance.

Lyric Crook more than 4 years ago