Drought emergency moves into Stage 4 for Birmingham Water Works



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8 pm time restriction on hand watering

I followed the rules and watered after 8pm last eve. It is very dangerous to be doing that after dark. Cars passing by while you are beside the road in the dark, with a hose in one hand and a small light in the other, is frightening! We also need to be cautious since the snakes are still out! Could you please adjust that time so there is at least a half hour of daylight for residents to safely water and follow the rules? Since daylight savings time begins tonight it will be far worse and dark around the 5 o'clock hour. Those who work will likely be forced to water at the end of the day as well.

Linda Carey more than 1 year ago

Patton Creek

Water users in Hoover are draining Patton Creek but they don't fall under these restrictions. The city needs to do more.

Mitch Reid more than 1 year ago