Hoover council likely to delay vote on beer and wine sales at Carmike theaters



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Not a good idea, not even for Carmike

Having a beer or a glass of wine whle watching a movie at a theatre may sound pleasant in the abstract, but it may not a good idea, even for Carmike, in reality. There are many questions that should be addresssed: (1) How will Carmike "police" sales of beer and wine to make sure a customer does not drink too much and get so buzzed or drunk he or she gets loud, maybe even obnoxious, and disturb others in the theatre audience? (2) How will a customer safely carry an open beer or glass of wine up stairs in a dark theatre, or is Carmike going to serve beer and wine in a plastic cup with a plastic lid to be consumed through a plastic straw inserted in a hole in the lid, like it serves soft drinks? (3) How will Carmike "police" customers so that one of sufficient age to buy alcoholic beverages does not take them into a dark theatre and give them to another customer who is not of sufficient age? The first time the ABC sends in its undercover team and catches an underage audience member drinking alcoholic beverages sold by Carmike, the manager of the theatre will be instantly arrested and fined, as will be the employee who sold that beverage, and Carmike will also be fined, not to mention the ruckus this will surely cause in the theatre while other members of the audience want to watch the movie. Unless, all these questions have been thought through and are sufficiently answered, approving Carmike's proposal to sell beer and wine in its theatres is not a good idea, at least not to this "movie go-er." I speak only as a "movie go-er," and do not purport to try to speak for Carmike, which is entitled to makes its own business decisions, however bad they may be for "movie go-ers" like me.

Barry V. Frederick more than 2 years ago

Why alcohol sales at the movies?

If typical concessions pricing is applied here . . that beer or wine will cost upwards of $10 per serving. Imagine the distractions from your beer-drinking patrons hitting the bathroom multiple times during each movie. NOT a good idea!

Frequent Movie Patron - Hoover more than 2 years ago

Booze at Carmike

"there is no limit on the number of alcoholic beverages an individual may purchase."

Wow, what could possibly go wrong with that?!

Hoover resident more than 2 years ago