City of Hoover wins grant to build $500,000 trail for bicyclists, joggers



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Kudos, great news

I live in Arbor Hill and believe this could be a positive move. It is so much nicer to walk, run, bike in a natural environment. Thank you to all who is spearheading this project.

Luan Atkins more than 3 years ago

It's about time

The Cahaba River is a great resource for Hover. It's good to see it utilized. I have long thought a trail along the river would be great. Maybe even some limited development for restaurants and other recreation.

Ron more than 3 years ago

Very Excited!

Hoover needs more walkable areas. My husband and I are happy the project is so close to our neighborhood.

Melissa more than 3 years ago

Positive for Arbor Hills

so glad to see this. Hope it works out!

luan Atkins more than 3 years ago

No concrete, please!

Concrete is a terrible surface to run and bike on. Please pave it with asphalt instead! It's so much easier on your joints and body in general.

Michael more than 3 years ago

Hoover Sun