Birmingham Water Works to hold meeting in Hoover to address customer complaints



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Gas company too, please...

I think we need a meeting with the gas company as well. My gas bill has nearly tripled in the last 3 months. It's higher than some pay with more square footage. My thermostat has been off or set to 68 and my habits/usage haven't changed. I was told in the past that the bills were way higher due to cold weather and the fact that I'm single and don't have enough warm bodies in my house. I was also informed that if I insisted on a technician coming out and there was no gas smell and nothing wrong with my meter, it would cost me $100. After reading my meter myself and keeping track for 2 months and after several phone calls to Spire, I finally spoke to a good customer service representative who was helpful land informed me that they do not charge anything to send a technician to re-read meters and that they would send someone and that as further follow up, they can check out my appliances as well and see if there are other causes of the high bill. My cubic feet of usage averages around 12-20/month but read 55+ for the last few months so something is not right. I encourage everyone to read meters yourself, to keep track yourself, to get meters checked out if there's an issue, to keep calling and reporting things. These utility companies have a monopoly. It’s not fair, but it is what it is. What else can we do?

KP 316 days ago

High gas bill

KP, we turn the pilot light on our heating unit off in the summer (only have gas heat), but were puzzled when we got a bill that was over the minimum charge. They sent a technician out and it turned out to be a meter leak. They replaced the meter and the charge went back to the minimum. I would request a new meter. And you might want to have your heating unit and water heater (if it's gas) checked. Hope you can resolve the high bills!

Meredith 316 days ago

High Gas, High Water

Yes, I have a gas heat and a gas water heater. I wasn't having issues with my water bill but as it turns out I just got mine yesterday and it's gone up from an average of $70-$80 (in the last 4 years) to $150 for this past bill. I called Birmingham Water Works and they will come to re-read my meter (allegedly because they won't give me a date/time when) 1x in a 12 month period. They will test your meter but if it turns out the meter passes the test, you are charged $113+ for a test fee for the meter. My water bill has gone way up with no change in my routine or usage. I'm getting the place checked for leaks hopefully soon, hopefully today if possible. But yeah it's not right and it's not right for consumers to get charged exorbitant amounts and then charged to get the meters tested when we don't own them.

KP 313 days ago

Great idea!

This should be a very informative meeting and I hope residents will get their water complaints heard and resolved. I continue to be impressed by our Mayor Brocato who gets things done!

Now let's have a community meeting with representatives of Charter Cable. Bills continue to go up every 2-3 months even as channels are removed from our viewing!

Meredith 316 days ago