Are you ready for the big election day? Here’s help checking races, candidates



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Excellent information

Thanks so much for the information, links to more information and the sample ballot. We always like to mark out ballot before going to vote and no candidate had mailed one this time!

Meredith 136 days ago

Thanks Virginia Martin

Lots of needed info for upcoming races

Hal 136 days ago

Checking races???

Well, I wasted several mins going through this article and clicking on the links to check the races. I mean, I thought, surely, that since it says in the article headline "checking races," there had to be something. But, unfortunately, no. Now, some may read this and wonder why I'm spending time commenting on it. The reason is, lately news reporting has become more and more shoddy and lazy; I see it almost daily now. At some point, writers and editors need to do a hard reset and get back to quality.
Now you know.
Hey Virginia, if you're going to put in your title "checking races," then put a link or something that allows us to check the races.

Bree 137 days ago