Alabama Power unveils innovative power system in Reynolds Landing 'smart neighborhood'



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I'm curious about the status of future microgrids. If one was built in Alabama just like this one and was not connected to the Alabama Power grid could it be exempt from the monopoly laws that cover independent power companies? It would not be connected to the grid in any way and so it seems to me that it should be allowed to operate like any other business. Also, technically speaking every back up generator that runs on natural gas is a power company when in use. Also, when the natural gas backup generator is in use at this Microgrid does Alabama Power charged an additional fee by the gas company because they are a backup power source. Alabama power charges this backup fee if customers have solar panels and are connected to the Alabama Power grid. Thanks, Harold LaFonte

Harold LaFonte more than 1 year ago

Economics of the project

How much extra does it cost the homeowner to participate in this experiment?
Does the homeowner pay a different rate for their electricity? Has it been approved by the PSC?
Is the output of the facility delivered directly to Reynolds Landing? Or does RL get their power off the grid like everyone else?
How competitive is price of the facility’s electricity with APC’s regular residential rates?

STOKELY MORGAN more than 1 year ago