AL Supreme Court Justice Glenn Murdock: Christians need to engage, not retreat from society



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Excuse me...?

Hoover is much more than a "christian" community (whatever that is - you get different answers depending on the sect membership you talk to), so why is the mayor inviting someone to speak as a "christian"? We have muslims, jews, hindis, buddhists, and bahais in this community - so why is it that the invited keynote speaker focuses on "christians"? Why doesn't it seem that there is an effort to embrace the fact that religious and moral judgement is a *personal* decision, and that the state should remain a purely secular realm?

There is supposed to be separation between church and state in this country, or has the city of Hoover decide that they live in a "christian" theocracy? Which "Christians", then? Maybe Briarwood should be the official church of Hoover - of should it be Hunter Street? Of one of the catholic churches? more than 1 year ago