City of Hoover seeking grant to build $500,000 trail for bicyclists, hikers and joggers



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Make it gravel

It would be great to use a form or gravel and not concrete. It's more natural, will require less maintance and just created a better user experience.

Joseph more than 4 years ago

I'm envious

This trail is going to be amazing. An excellent recreation opportunity. Great for everyone of every age. I live in Huntsville and I'm envious of your cities progressive thinking.

cuz_hsv@yahoo,com more than 4 years ago


trails should not be concrete. No hiker wants to hike on concrete. Call it a sidewalk, that's what they want to build. I'll pass....

Michelle more than 4 years ago


But the City of Hoover wants to take away all the school buses. What is more important to this town? Hoover should have more than enough money for the schools, the bus systems, the parks. Why doesn't the Hoover City Council help the children of Hoover have affordable transportation TO and FROM school.

Allison Hamilton more than 4 years ago

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