Study: Relocation of UAB Medical West to Hoover would create 576 new jobs, have $100 million economic impact



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Not exactly sure how Hoover’s people are figuring the math here. The new hospital will have 90 fewer beds than the current hospital but still add hundreds of jobs? Somebody needs to explain exactly how that works, especially since they seem to imply that these new jobs are in addition to existing jobs.

J. R. Sponder more than 1 year ago


Seeing as how hoover is already cutting jobs and unable to fund the budget. I would think residents of the city would be much more interested in the tax dollars that the hospital could bring, 20 million worth of incentives seems like a small price to pay to have 100 million plus in revenue after 5 years. Also increased home values are always a plus if you are resident of those neighborhoods that surround the proposed site. Traffic wouldn't really be an issue as the article states the new road will run through the new shopping center sitting on 150. I hope the council isn't serious when they say lets make it a 400 million dollar retail center when most centers in the city can't even fill the space they have. Those empty shops aren't going to bring in tax dollars. I would much rather have a state of the art Hospital versus an empty shopping center any day of the week.

Joe M. more than 1 year ago

Traffic not an issue?

I guess you weren't aware that the traffic from the new shopping center enters and exits on Stadium Trace Parkway along with the traffic from three schools, the Met and residential neighborhoods.

Meredith more than 1 year ago

Traffic on Stadium Trace and Brock's Gap

The traffic from non-resident traffic through here is already unmanageable. Besides, Hoover needs some expansion that pays taxes considering the budget deficit that we already have. We cannot keep offering tax breaks to new expansion without them paying their share of taxes. Traffic in that area does not need to get worse just because US Steel wants to sell property.

Bill more than 1 year ago

New Hospital

I think put the hospitL in McCalla. Let all that money Hoover will make and let McCalla/Bessemer make it. Our city needs this hospital!

Karen Tuckeroakw more than 1 year ago

Just picture it

"Brocato said the initial proposed access for the hospital would be through the Stadium Trace Village shopping center."

Traffic on Stadium Trace is already extremely crowded especially during morning and afternoon or when events are scheduled at the Met or Hoover High School. This is only going to get worse when the new shopping center opens. Now imagine adding 1,000 hospital employees and who knows how many patients, families of patients, and delivery trucks coming in and out of the hospital grounds via Stadium Trace . Nightmare City.

Seems like the land the hospital has already purchased in McCalla along 459 would be a better fit. McCalla isn't that far away if Hoover residents want to use that hospital.

The impact study failed to mention how much it's going to cost Hoover to provide services such as police and fire. I hope the Council will give this much thought before approving it.

Meredith more than 1 year ago

Hoover Sun