Owners of Vecchia to open new restaurant in Boot location



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So excited

We love Vecchia and the friendliness that you display there! The way you have welcomed my daughter's class for work day speaks volumes on your character! She raves about how great y'all are to her and her class! We can't wait for the opening of the new place. And thanks for the pics of us with ALL our dogs on Saturday!! Soon the biggest dinner decision will be Vecchia or Tacos and Tequila! Praying many blessings for the new place!!

Natalie Boren more than 3 years ago

That's awesomeness!!!!!

That's so cool you guys are the best.

Dr Jerry more than 3 years ago


Can't wait! Happy to participate in soft openings! Just let us know!!!

Janice Hunt Rounsaville more than 3 years ago

Can't Wait!

We live a block away and can't wait for the grand opening! I'm sure we'll love Tacos and Tequila as much as Vecchia!

Vickie Dollar more than 3 years ago

Super news

Yes, this is super news. "Mouth-watering"; can't wait.

Brandi and Barry Frederick more than 3 years ago

Moss Rock TNT

Really looking forward to your new restaurant...sure to be a great addition to the neighborhood!!!

Clr-bham more than 3 years ago


Congratulations Benard! I'm sure it will be a hit!

Judy and Buddy Culverhouse more than 3 years ago