On Tap Sports Cafe reopens at Galleria



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New location

This article would be much more helpful if it gave the new location. Where in the Galleria?

Catherine more than 4 years ago

On Tap

They are in the building in the circle around the mall that was La Paz. We were there Tuesday night, it's really nice.

Vanessa more than 4 years ago

My watering hole of choice...

Love On Tap, but a little critique of the new place. My major complaint is that there isn't a "bar" in the bar. I like a brass bar to put my foot on. Absolutely necessary for the "Capt. Morgan" stance. Every cowboy and pirate needs to hook their boot heel on sumpin'. I'm agitating for a brass bar, dammit.... and a chalkboard to show the new beer arrivals while I'm at it. The lighting could be warmer too.

Jeff Mersmann more than 4 years ago