Cicis opens in Riverchase



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Pizza not the same

We ate at the one out in Trussvile or close to there. It was different than the old CI CIs definitely. And didn't have the same taste as I remembered. But was still pretty good. They used to have BBQ and now don't and used to have Bacon. Now seems only small selection. But still good.

JEFF M more than 2 years ago

No BBQ Pork Pizza

Was there first night. Clean place, staff friendly. Served the same 6-8 pizzas, no variety. I asked for a BBQ pork pizza and was told no, they don't make it anymore. Oh course I've had it recently out of state at another CiCis. They are serving a honey BBQ chicken pizza, but sauce is too sweet and it is not as good as the other with pork. The owner of these in the area is only carrying a few of the pizzas it appears. Very disappointing.

Andrew Stevens more than 2 years ago