Hoover zoning board OKs revised plan for PetSuites Resort on Alabama 150



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Idiot neighborhood owners ruined this

Would have been a decent pet resort with an outdoor area, but, as usual, Hoover residents can't help but beat their chests at anything worth having. Hopefully the business will succeed without the outdoor play area.

reality more than 1 year ago

Whiny Residents

It's a shame that people who buy residences next to known commercial areas whine and moan about almost any proposal to develop or change the nearby commercial property. Hey geniuses, buy near a highway, you're going to have to deal with noise. There is nothing wrong with dogs barking during the day. It's not like the business would be letting the dogs out when people are trying to sleep. I bet your neighbors didn't like hearing your noisy kids outside during the day either, but that didn't stop you from letting them play outside.

Trent more than 1 year ago

Pet resort

Why is this being placed in such a heavily inhabited, busy area when it has so many potential detriments? It needs to be further out 150 where there is more room to achieve the business' interest.

Pat davis more than 1 year ago

canine friend

"who'll let the dogs out" - the refrain of next dog rap song.

Barry V. frederick more than 1 year ago


There is no way I am dropping off my dog for a week if they are not able to get outside and play some. This proposal is a disaster. Two years after it is built, it will be another empty building in Hoover.

Hoover Pet Owner more than 1 year ago

pet Boarding

It’s too bad they removed the outdoor play area because while Hoover needs a good boarding facility, one without an outdoor play area is unacceptable. Most conscientious dog owners won’t board there!

Lynnette Sefcik more than 1 year ago