Hoover zoning board recommends approval for PetSuites Resort on John Hawkins Parkway



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Unfair to compare to a vet clinic???

A boarding facility is a boarding facility. I'm willing to bet that building materials, construction, noise, odors, etc. would be very similar from one facility to another. To say that pets are happier, in a better setting, less likely to make noise, or less likely to create an odor at this location is ludicrous. You get dogs together in a group and they're going to create noise no matter where they're being kept. And poop is going to stink whether it's in an outhouse or a throne room fit for a king.

From the Board Room more than 1 year ago

Big Mistake!

Approving this facility is a big mistake. I hope the four who voted for it will make frequent visits and sit in the parking lot with your windows open taking in the noise and odors. To the homeowners who live behind this facility, you have my sympathy for your loss of peace and quiet. And Mr. Shows is correct - this would never have been approved had it been in Greystone or Ross Bridge or behind any member of the committee's homes.

Meredith more than 1 year ago

Awful Decision

I think the biggest thing missing from this whole debate will be the need for a traffic light because it is almost impossible to leave the businesses along Highway 150 because the traffic is horrendous.

Was a traffic study done? I bet you a silver dollar that it was not.

The zoning board members that voted yes should be required to eat at the subway across the street and try to get on the parkway.

This road cannot handle more commercial development right now. It is already a disaster just like the Hoover Zoning Board.

Common Sense more than 1 year ago