Hoover zoning board postpones vote on PetSuites Resort for 2nd time



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Noise and odor

"“It’s quite a remarkable facility, and it’s targeted for people who want their pets to be treated extremely well,” Beavers said.

It sounds as if the animals will be treated better than the surrounding neighbors. "some barking," "outdoor potty breaks," "noise equal to the surrounding noise." Wow, that's really something to recommend approving this facility. The facility could hold up to 182 dogs at a time. I find the barking of one dog annoying; imagine the sound if a multitude of dogs are barking at the same time. And the odor? I don't even want to think about it. I don't care how many trees they propose planting. It will not block out the sound of multiple dogs barking or the odor from multiple dogs. There must be another place in our city where this could go without being by a residential area. If not, let them build in another city. Life will go on!

Meredith more than 1 year ago