Hoover to hold public meeting on proposed UAB Medical West relocation



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Talk to your leaders

It amazes me how much you can learn by attending a council meeting and actually talking to your elected leaders. I spoke to four members of the council and they all told me that this deal is not even close to being done. The city does not own the property pictured in the rendering. The city has not identified the source of the $20 million asking price. We are only discussing all of this because of the actions of the so called "finance chair" Mr. Lyda who went to the press with this half baked tale in July. I was told that he is the one who set up this meeting through the group that manages the Parc Trace neighborhood. It's a dog and pony show folks. If this deal was a reality, there would be town halls to discuss it all over the city. Don't fall for it. Stay home and spend time with your kids and grandkids enjoying this fine fall weather.

Doc B more than 1 year ago

Meeting Notifications

I received two emails from McKay about this event. The first email said that John Lyda was organizing the meeting to discuss the project and said other council members may attend. The second email from McKay said that the first email was sent in error and that the information came from a single source (guessing Lyda), and that McKay had not spoken with other leaders. Tonight, I received a Facebook invite from Lyda to attend the event. If other members of the council are saying this is not a done deal, why is Lyda and according to this article, the mayor holding the meeting? How can city leaders and UAB discuss plans to put a hospital on property that neither owns. I hope the Hoover Sun reaches out to other council members prior to the meeting for more information because this is concerning. Why would we put the people of Bessemer and West Jefferson through this drama when Hoover allegedly does not have a deal with UAB?

Dan C more than 1 year ago

No done deal

Dan C: No, this is far from a done deal. Neither the city nor UAB Medical West owns the land in question, but serious discussions have taken place, and the city has gone to the trouble of paying for an economic impact study for the proposed hospital. Also, UAB Medical West would need to get a Certificate of Need from the state before being allowed to relocate the hospital. But we are not going to wait until it is a done deal to start reporting on it. John Lyda said he was approached by people in Trace Crossings who were concerned about the proposal, so he agreed to book a room at the Hoover Met so people could discuss it and people could get some answers to questions they have. The mayor, who did not set up the meeting, has agreed to attend, discuss the project and answer questions.

Jon Anderson more than 1 year ago

A matter of life and death.

Hoover already as a hospital close by. Grandview Medical Center is close by on 280. Brookwood M.C. isn't too far away either. Hoover has a ER already there on 150 and UAB West has bought property at exit 1 on 459 for a possible new hospital. Losing UAB West would leave Western Jefferson County without close by coverage. Oak Grove and Concord would be a long way from the hospital if it moves to Hoover. It could be a matter of life and death. Think about others before you hurt them.

Terry Holloway more than 1 year ago


The impact on our city will be hugely detrimental

Tyler latham more than 1 year ago

Outstanding progress for Hoover

All politicians connected with this, including Mayor Brocato, who I have criticized on occassion, deserve a huge hurray for getting this fine hospital to come to Hoover. The impact of this on our city will be phenominal. Very well done.

Barry V. Frederick more than 1 year ago

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