Hoover in talks with UAB Medical West about relocating hospital from Bessemer



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Is this a good deal?

I completely agree with the points brought previously that (1) Many of these employees will travel to keep their jobs, so we aren't creating "1,000 new jobs" and (2) There just isn't enough information available to support this. Also, I question why the city thinks they need to spend 20 million dollars, when the city of Bessemer is spending a FRACTION of that to get the Amazon warehouse. This is a comparable project at $300 million. Is this just bad deal making? Why so quick to spend money we don't have?

TS more than 1 year ago

Uab Bad deal

If you moved it took loose jobs no bus transportation our elderly who depend on the hospital most suffer being greedy and if I'm not mistakingly clear hoover always broke they need to stop being greedy and improve on what they already have Bessemer residents deserve that much.

Sheena howard more than 1 year ago

Not Really New Jobs

This project is not creating any "new jobs". It's simply relocating 1,000 existing jobs 15 minutes down the road to Hoover. I seriously doubt the majority of people are going to up and move to Hoover because of the location change. I would be in favor of the investment if it was related to a company that had no operations in metro Birmingham and the 1,000 jobs were truly new to the whole area.

Andrew Vines more than 1 year ago

New Jobs Fallacy

If the UAB hospital is the mystery project, the Brocato’s statement about “1,000 jobs” is misleading. This would NOT create new jobs in this area. It would only move jobs from a nearby city to here. It would NOT lead to any significant increase in home sales. Other than having a full hospital here, I have to question the economic benefits of this.

Bruce Gilliland more than 1 year ago

Hit the nail on its head

Council President Gene Smith hit the nail on its head in stating he wants to see the projected return on what would be a $20 million investment. Sure it would be nice for Hoover to get this hospital, but not if the city provides incentives and tax abatements that would further costthe City and reduce its revenue stream. There are plenty of reasons this hospital would want to relocate to Hoover, including its existing clinic and ER here plus the fact that Hoover's demographics make it very attractive to any major hospital. Depending on what it would cost the City to get it, this hospital appears to need Hoover more than Hoover needs this hospital. In terms of return on the City's investment, this hospital is not even remotely comparable to the galleria, which generated huge sales tax revenue. City leaders should not be fooled into comparing the hospital to the galleria (or comparing an apple to an orange).

Barry V. Frederick more than 1 year ago

I agree!

Your comments are spot on, Barry, especially "this hospital appears to need Hoover more than Hoover needs this hospital." I seriously doubt that many people who will work at the hospital will move here, so no property taxes from them. I was a hospital employee and from what I observed, most hospital employees eat in the hospital, so really not much being spent in restaurants here. Unless the employees and hospital visitors eat and shop in Hoover, I don't see much sales tax impact from this.

To the Mayor and Council I would say just because an entity wants to locate here, that doesn't mean we have to automatically say yes. Can we really afford to spend $20 million and probably more on this with little in return? Please study the this realistically and not just what you think might occur. Personally, I vote no.

Meredith more than 1 year ago

Due Dilligence

On behalf of most residents, thank you John Greene for your comments.

I am glad to see that Posey said he wants to see an economic study. This signals to me that the Council is not going to quickly vote for this without performing due dilligence.

A good place to start would be to examine Bessemer’s revenue stream to see how much of a financial benefit the hospital has had for Bessemer.

I think a traffic study also should be done depending on where the alleged hospital would relocate.

A $20m dollar “investment” for a City with financial issues and a $120m budget should be vetted fully.

Also, while we are paying the lobbyists to figure out if we would have enough support in the legislature for the hospital move, perhaps we can request a property tax lid bill removal for funding Hoover Schools.

Steve Lawrence more than 1 year ago

Further development

I know that we need to support restrauant and retail, etc we have here, but I am happy to see the city look at venues other than those. Retail is suffering in many areas and there are other things needed: A women's center for health screenings, colonostopy, mammograms, etc., an expansion of the arts, a ce tter, which people really seem to want; an under roof farmers market, a rail stop for amtrak, smaller industries.

Pat Davis more than 1 year ago

Healthcare services

Brookwood Baptist Health Hoover, on Preserve Parkway across the street from the Stadium Trace Village, has a wide variety of healthcare services to include Imaging, Primary Care, Vein, Sleep, and Specialists

John Gardner more than 1 year ago

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