Hoover council to hear economic impact study for relocation of UAB Medical West



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Economic Development??

How will this hospital actually generate revenue for the city? Does a Hospital create sales tax? Hoover does not collect income tax. Where does the city benefit that it make sense to add on debt for this project?

PATRICK M PLOURDE more than 1 year ago

UAB West

The last thing I want in my neighborhood - is a hospital. We have 3 schools, mixed office and retail and now you want to put a hospital at one the busiest intersections of Hoover, which is probably the best retail land space available in Hoover...that will plummet property values and increase traffic...meanwhile the old Winn Dixie shopping center sits vacant and Patton Creek is becoming a ghost town.
Would make more sense to put it up at Patton Creek.

Dan Ellis more than 1 year ago

UAB West

UAB West us bit affiliated with UAB downtown, will the new hospital be or not?

Sally Hart Snoddy more than 1 year ago