Hoover council passes temporary moratorium against vape shops, pawn shops, payday loan centers



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Bad judgment on this moratorium

Doesn't this council has more imprtant things to do than waste its time on moratoriums like this. In its rush to judgment/moratorium, it took out the proposed ban on tatoo shops right before its meeting. What will this Council propose next, ban people with tatoos from Hoover? At least the Council kept Hoover in position to have a shot at hosting a convenrtion of tatoo shops, but not so for the pawn brokers' convention, which spends dollars in host cities just as valuable as the dollars spent by other conventions. By the way, Hoover already has pawn shops that have proven themselves as reputable as other businesses in Hoover. Council, try to focus on real problems in Hoover.

Barry V. Frederick more than 1 year ago

New Pawn shop at 150 and 459?

No pawn shops near Trace Crossings, so I'm sure that plays a part in your opinion. Pawn shops are magnets for criminal patrons...why does Monte D'oro

Traveler more than 1 year ago