Hoover council OKs tax rebates for Bluff Park Village, new Piggy Wiggly



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Another City tax give-away

Ah, how sweet it is to be a developer in Hoover, where the City will go out of its way to help and pay you to operate your business, Hoover calls it "tax incentives," but in reality they are give-aways of your tax dollars. And its getting worse: "this is the first time the council has approved an incentive agreement that gives a tax rebate of more than 50 percent." Everyone can understand the city using a tax incentive to attract new major business, but this one is not to obtain new business; it is to help businesses already in one shopping center in the city (primarily a "Pig" and a pharmacy) to relocate to larger spaces to another shopping center in the city. How about a tax break for homeowners who want to move to a larger home within Hoover? Mayor Brocato and Councilman Mike Shaw would laugh at that idea, while they are back-slapping with their developer buddies while giving our tax dollars to them. Businesses already in the city should stand on their own financial footing, instead of bilking the City for tax incentives with the help of City politicians who love to give your tax dollars away. Because these politicians are not putting the brakes on their tax dollar give-away, you should put the brakes on them -- vote them out and replace them with candidates who are in favor of financial responsibility for the city's tax base.

Barry V. Frederick 246 days ago

Grateful Bluff Park Homeowner

I’m so glad that Hoover has made this agreement with the developers. I had been so worried that if we lost
the Piggly Wiggly our home values would decline. Who wants to move to a neighborhood with two blighted shopping centers? Instead we will have a fabulous new Piggly Wiggly, a cool new restaurant, and a public space not to mention the other businesses this will attract to the development. It seems likely that this project will bring more than enough new sales tax dollars in to make up for the rebates being given to the Pig. And over time, it will mean more property tax from increased home values. This is an very smart move on the city’s part, in my opinion. This investment in the Bluff Park community will undoubtedly reap many returns.

Anne 245 days ago

Hoover Sun