Dave and Buster's plans to open first Alabama location at Riverchase Galleria



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Yall complaining

Why can't y'all be happy instead of complaining? Sheesh. And hoover isnt far from homewood...

Laurel Brown more than 2 years ago

Welcoming Change and Growth

Hoover seems welcoming to change and growth. The “great” state of Alabama often wants the spoils but it’s residents don’t seem to want to be inconvenienced in any way to have the benefits of growth. I live in Hoover and only worry about the safety of our residents when others from smaller places are drawn to our nice city. The previous comment about a place like D & B and others being attracted to a more populated area is so true. Lakeshore in Homewood would have been a great place for this new business. I assume, however, that Homewood residents would rather allow Hoover to take on this new venture so that they can best control the visitors to help sustain their culturally homogeneous community. I hope that D & B will do their part to make their business safe and family friendly while maintaining the D & B brand.

Kelly more than 2 years ago


Alabaster is just south of Hoover. Growing community plenty of opportunity right off interstate 65. It prime location for a Dave and Busters!

Shay more than 3 years ago


Gadsden would be way better its about a 2 or 3 hours from Tennessee, Mississippi and a store just closed in the mall that would make a great place for it to be.

Chris more than 3 years ago

Bumper Nets Guy

Bumper Nets guy cracks me up. Sounds jealous. I work at D&B in Albuquerque, and drinks and games work well together. Maybe he should have thought of it first.

Jon more than 3 years ago


Sounds like the bumpers guy is more worried about losing his business rather than the alcohol. If I remember correctly there is or was restaurants in the galleria that sold alcohol not to mention the restaurants surrounding the mall that sale alcohol so just let em open something that would be good for the mall instead of letting it turn into century plaza!

Jeremy more than 3 years ago

Dave & Busters

Been trying to get Homewood to go for this for 4 years. I wanted it on Lakeshore.

Robyn more than 3 years ago

I personally feel like they need to open one more in the lower part of Alabama, like Gulf shores or Orange Beach. Maybe even Pensacola Florida would be a good option but they will always follow the money. If they removed the blinders they'd see some places are gold mines but they don't see the potential until other business open in one area in a state. Good luck anyway

There's a riverside mall opening near Orange Beach Alabama soon.

Tee more than 3 years ago


Tuscaloosa would be a much better choice for a Dave and Buster's. With all the college students it would be a guaranteed success.

DJ more than 3 years ago

Tuscaloosa would not work

I understand your thinking but Tuscaloosa has a high-low economy. High during football season low the rest of the year (especially during the summer) Most bars make all their money during football season and hold on for dear life for the rest of the year. Not appealing enough for a really high profile business. The prefer more constant and steady revenue...

DC more than 3 years ago


There are several colleges/universities within 15-20 minutes of Hoover. Not sure how Tuscaloosa would be a better choice because of the school. Hoover keeps going when school is out of session.

John Doe more than 3 years ago


College students don't spend money or tip. Birmingham has three major colleges plus actual year round residents with kids.

Jon more than 3 years ago

This is awesome

Sign me up to BARTEND!!!!

Heather more than 3 years ago

Dave&buster location

I think it be awesome for it come to hoover yes it be traffic but it bring more jobs for people and u choice where u want to live at not the people building the Dave and Buster's.i think people will have something to said no matter where u choice to build at but the other area u said it to much crime .Leeds have the ice skate rank doing the winter

Allison more than 3 years ago

Of course in Hoover!

It's funny all these folks speaking negatively about Hoover.
Hoover is the best part of this state! Everything happens here because it's where folks want to be at.

Banks more than 3 years ago

I love D&B's

I've been going to D&B's for years in Ga and J'ville, but to put one at the Galleria would be a big mistake. It's already too much stuff going on over there. I would suggest Leeds or maybe Trussville. I know too many people that stays far away from Hoover because it's always congested. So you might want to rethink the location.

Tina more than 3 years ago

I agree with you...

I agree with you.. Trussville or Leeds.

Jennifer more than 3 years ago

Dave and Busters

The best place for this is in Irondale. Accessibility would be awesome. No matter where you lived, you could get there in 10 minutes. No traffic from any direction.

J. London more than 3 years ago

Bad decision

I live in hoover and I feel like it would be a huge bust in the galleria personally the mall is going downhill. A better location in hoover would be by the target it need to be free standing and not in the mall!

Paulina more than 3 years ago

Dave and Buster's

I agree with this it does need to be free standing.. It can be free standing just outside the galleria an still be considered at the galleria. That would be awesome

Darlene more than 3 years ago

You guys obviously don't know business

If you're opening D&B or any high profile business you are targeting high traffic or densely populated areas. They are not going to invest millions of dollars in a lower traffic area because you and some other people want this nice slow paced feeling everywhere you go. Traffic + A lot of people = $$$. Don't complain and maybe soon Alabama can land a pro sports team or something to make people stop by instead of passing through on the way to Atlanta.

DC more than 3 years ago

you guys

That was uncalled for. I understand, it would bring more people our way. It's not always easy for everyone to get to Hoover. It's way crowded, And everyone likes convenience..

Darlene more than 3 years ago


Amen, im from Conneticut and have been saying that for years. We are the laughing stock of the country because we are afraid to move forward....I love Hoover its where all the action is.

Sharon more than 2 years ago


I'm all for D&B. It's an awesome place. However with the Galleria being already congested at any given time during the day, wisdom should be used. Meaning go to another side of town. I believe adding to the congestion isn't a smart idea AT ALL. Again, having D&B would be great, but in area, not so much...

Billy more than 3 years ago

Wrong Location

Hoover Galleria is a bad location. Around Christmas its already a mess,terrible location Downtown Birmingham would be a better location. Why not Downtown Birmingham consider more space more parking easy an convenient. The Galleria is a conjusted mess Al times of the year.

Kareisha Lawrence more than 3 years ago

D&B downtown

Horrible idea downtown; because parking would be a nightmare and unsafe because of the area.

Mike more than 3 years ago


Downtown is not Ensley, it's safe - particularly in the area where your former baseball team now plays.

JA more than 3 years ago

Down Town Safe????

There have been multiple shootings in the railroad park areas....Good Parking??? When was the last time you tried to park down town anywhere close to where you needed to be without paying an arm and a leg?

Ty Smity more than 3 years ago


Wow bham is horrible. no parking, 3rd most dangerous city in the country, corrupt city council,etc easily the dumbest thing I have seen today

DT more than 3 years ago

Dtown Bham

Downtown is not Gate City, it's safe. If it was unsafe, thousands of young people from Hoover wouldn't spend every evening there.

JA more than 3 years ago

Open more stores in other areas of the state

We could sure use something like this in Jasper and Cullman. I have been to a Dave and Busters before and truly enjoyed it. Jasper has a bowling alley but no theatres. Cullman has a theatre but could use something with more entertainment.

Jonica more than 3 years ago


You can't have it in Cullman. Everyone knows the Klan is huge there.

Crazy more than 3 years ago


Y. Not open one in Crestwood or FULTON DALE

Darcel more than 3 years ago

Dave & Busters

Gardendale would block Fultondale. Downtown or Homewood would be better than Hoover.

Faye more than 3 years ago

Hoover Sun