City considers $20M incentive to lure $300M project



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u a b medical west

if med. west moves to Hoover , what will the residents of Bessemer ,McCalla and Tannehill do for medical help ?

James Ferguson more than 1 year ago

UAB West

I truly wish it would stay where husband had a brain aneurysm in 2015, I took him to UAB West. The ER doctor there saved his life. If I had had to take him any further, Hoover, etc, he would have lost his life.

Sandra House more than 1 year ago

UAB West should stay within Jefferson County

I feel that UAB West should stay within the western area of Jefferson County. Hoover continues to grown and Bessemer should be allowed the same opportunity. We have the Amazon Distribution Center coming to our city which will employee around 2000 people. This move is major for our area. I don’t understand why we must continue to grow the Hoover and Shelby County areas and forget about other areas that have impacted Jefferson County in the past. Give these areas an opportunity to be strong again.

Tricia more than 1 year ago


Huntsville landed a $750 million data center with an incentive package of only $6.6 million. Bessemer is spending $3.3 million in incentives for a $325 million Amazon distribution center. How in the world is the city of Hoover justifying spending 20 MILLION DOLLARS on this facility? These are not new jobs and we already have a freestanding ER within minutes of the proposed hospital site. I haven't seen any empirical evidence that there would be a long term, positive economic impact. It just doesn't make sense, especially considering the current financial state of the city. This 20 million dollars will be taken directly from the residents' pockets.

TS more than 1 year ago

Possible hospital in Hoover

How do Hoover residents in Trace Crossings get more information?

Alene more than 1 year ago

Hoover Sun