Reopening Hoover: Businesses were eager to restart, but consumer caution, restrictions could prolong recovery



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Open up or get out of the way

Any business that hasn't reopened by June 20th should lose their business license and have to reapply if they want to reopen later. Those shuttered businesses are hindering the city's recovery and need to make way for those that aren't "afraid" to serve the community. It's time for everyone to realize (political and business leaders) that each one of us is responsible for our own well being. If those that know they are more prone to getting sick aren't doing what's needed to protect themselves, why should be be more concerned for them than they themselves are. Local and national leaders need to be held accountable. Especially those that violated their oaths of office and those that willfully violated the constitutional rights of the citizens.

Patrick Tyler 114 days ago

Hoover Sun