Benton Nissan dealership may leave Hoover for Irondale, council president says



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Benton Nissan

As someone who resides in Hoover ans has bought numerous cars from Benton Nissan, if you move to Irondale - I will no longer be buying any more cars from your company.

I am curious though. How much incentives were they asking?

Hoover Car Buyer more than 1 year ago


Mr. Benton was never able to get far enough to make a request. He doesn't want to move but Nissan is pressuring him to make improvements that he states he needs assistance with. I believe it could be as little as a couple of hundred thousand to a half million.

But we will never know. Not to fault Irondale but they are taking advantage of other city's indecisions. IMO

Gene Smith more than 1 year ago