Aldi, UAB medical building coming to Stadium Trace Village



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More traffic congestion and already empty retail centers

I live in Trace Crossing, and we already have major traffic problem with Stadium Trace and Brock's Gap by people cutting through to miss the I-459/John Hawkins fiasco. This development has already cut down all the trees and natural terrain on both sides of the entrance to Trace Crossing. US Steel and MAP do not care about keeping the present natural features of this parkway, only wanting to build more concrete and more competition for the already empty retail developments in Hoover already. Aldi and the listed shops are not quality retail establishments that add to the character of Trace Crossing. I, and many of my neighbors will boycott and not shop here because of what they are doing to our neighborhood. « less

William Buckley 225 days ago


Aldi ..come on! This was sold to the neighborhood as a highend development. Not a good start!

William E Bradley 345 days ago


I agree it is not a good start. I had hoped for Trader Joes.

Becky 331 days ago

Hoover Sun