Bucs arrive in Texas ahead of Tom Landry Classic



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Allen/Hoover Landry Classic

Welcome to Allen! We are so happy you are here! Excited for a great game and the opening to our Friday Night Lights!! Hope ya'll enjoy your time with us and are blessed with some TX hospitality!

J Dickson more than 1 year ago

Allen/Hoover Football

We are thrilled you guys are hear.

Elizabeth Jones more than 1 year ago

Hoover, Welcome to Allen!

Glad to hear y'all made it in safely. Welcome to Allen! Looking forward to a great football game tonight!

E Weber🅰🆙 more than 1 year ago

Allen Vs Hoover

Welcome to Allen and especially Allen Texas. Be safe and make many long lasting memories! Praying for a fun injury free game tonight!

DFrancisco more than 1 year ago

Tom Landry Classic Allen vs Hoover

Welcome to Allen. We truly hope you enjoy your stay and that God blesses us all with a good, safe game for all. Take this opportunity to show greatfulness for these life events that many do not get to receive. www.talkofallen.com

D L Allen more than 1 year ago

April HV Sun