Hoover school superintendent defends discipline against Hoover High teacher charged with domestic violence



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Hoover is wrong!

Dr Murphy is wrong! She says " we will not allow our hand's to be forced" My question i's why must they be forced to do the right thing? She says "Many of the people signing the petition on change.org don't live in Hoover or even in Alabama" True, you don't have to live in Alabama or Hoover to see how wrong this is. Stand up Hoover help protect the kids in Hoover schools. Email her and let her know how you feel. She says " but often time's there are many additional facts and piece's of information which you don't have" TRUE! like the FACT that Hoover had to call DHR about this incident and the rusults of DHR''s investigation. Please people wake up! There are hundreds of great teachers at Hoover, and they deserve our admiration and support, but this is not one of them. Please let you voices be heard. The school can do better than this!

someone who know's better more than 1 year ago