Hoover school officials set five dates to release rezoning proposal details



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Hoover Schools Rezoning

Hoover Schools Rezoning

Once again parents and friends of Hoover Schools meet about rezoning.
When you attend the meetings, please remember that the BOE and Dr. Murphy have only little financial support from the City of Hoover. Less than 2% of Hoover City expenditures are allocated to the Hoover City Schools.

Without more city support, additional schools and significant upgrading of old Berry HS are impossible. Rezoning becomes becomes more of a challenge and probably will result in some difficult and probably very unpopular school rezoning.
Parents must be prepared to change schools and for long car drives or bus rides on busy, congested streets and roadways.

At the Friends of Hoover 01/11/2016 meeting, Mayor Gary Ivey argued that Hoover did not need another high school or elementary school. He said that Trace Crossings is at just 40% capacity. He said, “Where would you put another high school?" In fact, Trace Crossings is at 75% capacity with 600 students at 800 optimum capacity and with more home developments and more students on the way. With nearly 3000 students, HHS should be considered full.
Please let me remind everyone that with 600 students at TCES and 3000 students at HHS, should a 2011 type tornado sweep through the two adjoining school sites 25+% of the 14,000 HHS students would be placed at risk in one place at one time. Visit YouTube and search "Enterprise High School tornado" to understand the possible consequences of such a very tragic occurrence.
Please examine this letter/email form Mayor Gary Ivey:
In my opinion, Mayor Ivey is trying to make decisions for the Hoover City Schools. According to the letter, such conduct seems to be an ethics violation.
Too, such conduct seems contrary to AvancED accreditation standards in regard to school district governance, decision-making and control. Too. Federal Judge Haikala, DOJ, and LDF may need to know of the possible political influence/intimidation of Mayor Gary Ivey on the Hoover Schools and the possible impact on rezoning. I expect the nature of rezoning would be influenced, to at least some degree, by new school construction or lack of such construction.

Hoover City Elections are upcoming in August 2016.
Support and vote for candidates who are true friends of the Hoover Schools!

Dan Fulton more than 2 years ago

Correction on Trace Crossings Figures

Trace Crossings Elementary School's official enrollment (ADM - Average Daily Membership) for this school year is 426 students. The school's student capacity is closer to the 830-880 range.

Jason Gaston more than 2 years ago