Hoover school board offers to buy Riverchase Middle School from Pelham



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Hoover at it again

The article said Hoover officials say the deal fell through for some reason. They know the reason. You can't tell me that Hoover didn't have a hand in this for some reason like past behind close door deals.

G 98 days ago


I thought this was already Heritage Academy

J 99 days ago


I thought Shades Mountain Christian had already bought it?!

B 99 days ago

That's mentioned in article

That deal fell through

Fred S. 99 days ago

Fell through?

'When' did the 'deal' with SMCS fall through and when was someone from SMCS advised that the negotiation had collapsed?

David Barber 98 days ago

Certified good idea

As we move from a degreed society to a certified one, we should open schools that give the proper training in robotics, medical technology, HVAC, and such. We need people who are certified (which says you can do a certain skill set at a certain level) more than college degreed paupers who learned to be social justice warriors.

Clark McNutt 99 days ago

Logical Idea.

Buying the property to use as a site for a skill career related location is very logical idea. It would be somewhat centrally located for both Hoover HS & Spain Park HS students. Hope this works out.

Wayne Wood 99 days ago

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