Hoover's high school students likely won't be rezoned, superintendent says



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What others me most as I pick my 9th grader at Hoover from bday party in Helena she also has friends that live down shades crest in Bessemer why are we annex our selves into this Rezoning issue? There is a Helena and Bessemer high school. So now once again since I have 22 yr old when the first Rezoning meeting. It called greed stop annexing! If course bluff park the redhead red stepchild if Hoover that gets pick on continually hurting our resale value if our homes bec who would want to move into neighborhood where there children will b removed and put in dangerous two lane roads and interstates! Would u like this for ur children? And by the way care about our neighborhood appearance like all these new beloved neighborhoods and repair our overly patched roads!

Vallee Rumore more than 2 years ago