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What's wrong with the article.

:) thank you for publishing it, the superintendent did lie in this article though, just to look good in the media, for example: " Hoover schools Superintendent Kathy Murphy said one of the reasons the New Beginnings students were sent back to their base schools is because some of them were missing out on high-level classes and electives that weren’t available at the Crossroads School. They’re able to take those classes at their base schools, she said" . Which is a complete lie, before the 2015-2016 school year she visited the old berry middle school and said to the staff there that she didn't see the purpose of the school, from then on, the staff knew something was up. Also in the article, she said: "Special accommodations have been made to separate New Beginnings students from the rest of the school population as much as needed, Murphy said. “They have a special place to park, and they don’t have to make their way through the big halls with everybody,” she said. “It’s designed to give them as much support as we can.” We don't have a special place to park at the base schools, and we DO have to walk through the hallways with the rest of the students. Also in the article (3rd lie told in the article by the superintendent) she said- “It really is a great effort, I think, on our part,” Murphy said. She didn't come up with the things we have in new beginnings at this very moment. She just went to the administrators and said "take them, do something with them". If you want to truth please contact my email: if you want the TRUTH.

Jonathan Chunn more than 1 year ago

Johathan is correct

Jonathan is absolutely correct. Dr. Murphy came thru and didn't see a need for it probably because she has never dealt with a child who has anxiety or any other issue that was dealt with so wonderfully at New Beginnings. My son was bullied terribly at Hoover and if it were not for New Beginnings, I don't know what would have happened. I do know that he ended up with a 4.0 for the rest of his high school career and is now pursuing a PhD so you cannot say it has no purpose. The counselors there were invaluable to him. Apparently DR. Murphy does not realize the damage bullying and anxiety can do to a child who is then thrown into a huge school like Hoover. And now to ostracize them into a little room for the day staring at a computer instead of having teachers is horrible. The program was a great asset to Hoover and my son graduated with 16 students and I know for a fact that each and every one of them is a very productive and successful member of society now.

Vicki J Morgan more than 1 year ago