Salvation in strength



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gym is now closed

this gym closed without warning. he didn't notify his clients. just locked the doors and that's it. very disappointed.

Jay 283 days ago

Wow just wow!!!

Brad I lover reading stories like this and have always thought u worked hard but had no idea of your full story....that was amazing proud of u!!!

Jennifer moore more than 1 year ago


He is a deadbeat and needs to pay his bills...

Jimmy more than 1 year ago

Love this man!

I *love* the whole Elite Fitness family, but Brad is seriously one in a million. He is amazing at what he does and it warms my heart to read this incredible story about his journey. You are awesome, Brad! I miss you guys over there! Though I don't miss those 40lbs I lost at all :)

Genevieve more than 1 year ago

Wonderful Testimony!

Amen, very encouraging!

WomanofFaith! more than 1 year ago

March 2018