Russet Woods resident Michael Holt runs for Hoover City Council Place 4



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I agree!

" he believes the city should be giving more money to the school system and that the city needs to develop a long-term plan for growth both for schools and the city as a whole"
So true! I just wish the Mayor and all of the council members (some agree with you) felt the same way.

Hoover Resident more than 1 year ago


Why did he swap places? He was told to. Ask Gary and Jack.

upyrs more than 1 year ago


Can you prove this?

Cody more than 1 year ago

Is More Money The Answer?

I'm not sure more money is the answer. Will it solve the school system's problems. What is the school system's budget now? The more money answer sounds like it came straight out of DC. Don't have kids in the system, so your going to take it away from my current services and apply it to only one section of the populous. Is this fair to the majority of us who don't have kids? Seems like a well qualified guy as do the two others. As to swapping places maybe he just likes to keep people guessing. Then again it's politics.

Aaron more than 1 year ago