Moss Rock Preserve: Protecting a treasure



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Pleased with the Preservation

Somewhat like Ms. Roberson, we have lived very near the Preserve since 1976 and both our children and grandchildren have enjoyed the boulder fields, streams and waterfalls. We're very happy that the City and other organizations are contributing to the preservation of the area.

Caleb Halstead 342 days ago

Moss Rock

I've been walking to the "rock house" all my life. I lived on Chapel Lane from 1951-1974.

Becky Roberson 343 days ago

Good story, but

Good reporting, but the "secret" (“I’m not sure many people know about the Moss Rock Preserve”) is now out even more. Maybe the way the environmental develpments are reported in this story will cause more environmental preservation of the preserve by the people among the increased foot traffic this report will generate.

Barry V. Frederick 343 days ago