Mr. Peabody and Sherman to screen at this weekend's Friday Night Flicks

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These dates are actually Saturday. Is that just a typo maybe?

Amy Ponder more than 4 years ago


What happen when there is bad weather?

achristian more than 4 years ago


Why don't the movies go through the end of July? There's one more Friday after the schedule stops

Kristen Praytor more than 4 years ago

What time

What time does it starts

Charice more than 5 years ago

Event time

Movies start at dusk. The organizers have not given a more specific time than that, sorry. more than 4 years ago

What time...

Because of the movie being shown outside on a white inflauted screen, it needs to be dark enough for the movie to be seen. From past experience, it usually starts about 8:30.

mommy2eandl more than 4 years ago

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