Zoning change sought to allow 35-house subdivision in Bluff Park



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Adding 140 cars/day = bad idea

I'm a resident of the area and normal morning/evening work and school commuter. Before adding additional vehicle traffic, the area needs to invest in improved sidewalks throughout the area to accommodate foot traffic. Vehicle traffic is heavy enough in this area during the morning/evening commute. Adding another 140 cars/day will significantly degrade travel time for school/work commuters. Definitely against this.

John more than 1 year ago

More is not Better

Really with schools in getting too crowded, rezonong nightmares because of pooe planning in the past... Lets just add more and more and continue to not adequately fund the schools. Anothwr example of reactive growth insteas of proactive planning. Can you zone them foe jeffco schools?

Craig more than 1 year ago

School zoning

All homes in Hoover are zoned for Hoover City Schools and cannot be zoned for the Jefferson County school district.

Jon Anderson more than 1 year ago

July 2018