What's on the horizon in 2017: City leaders plan education funding increase, master plan development



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New revenue for City of Hoover

I hope that in 2017 the city will be open to approving business licenses for small home-based businesses under the state's Cottage Food Law (SB-159). Pelham, Calera, Alabaster, Montevallo, Bessemer, Cullman, Jasper, Oneonta, and many more are currently approving business licenses for home-based businesses under the state’s Cottage Food Law. I tried to get a business license in March of 2015 and was denied. I'm going to try again this year and am hoping that with a new Mayor, several new City Council members, and the proven success of this law in other cities, it will lead to a different outcome. This would create new license fee revenue and tax revenue for the city of Hoover. It would also allow certain small food businesses to operate legally from homes (it is capped at a maximum of $20,000 in annual revenue to assure it doesn't cause a disruption to a residential neighborhood, there's a required food safety course, all food labels must include language to let the buyer know that the product was made in a facility not inspected by a health dept. & labels must be approved by the county dept. of health, and only certain foods that are considered safe to produce at home are allowed - like baked goods, candy, jelly, etc.). This is a great way for new small businesses to incubate without great financial risk - and if successful, can lead to opening brick-and-mortar businesses which would produce even MORE revenue for the city. Let's hope that with a couple years of proven success in other cities, the city will approve this concept this year....similar to how they weren't open to dog parks in the beginning, but after Birmingham's Green Springs was successful, Hoover came around.

BEth more than 1 year ago

On the Hotizon article

Nice article, Jon. Some exciting possibilities in the future.

Donald Blair

Donald Blair more than 1 year ago