U.S. Steel again seeking approval for 820 apartments off I-459 in Hoover



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Vote for our schools

I completely agree with the previous remarks. It would be ludicrous for the city to approve these apartments it any other future apartment complexes. This inane way of thinking is exactly why I have joined the fray in seeking a seat on the council. We have to vote new members in that will support our schools. It is time for new leadership. I fully believe that if it schools had been properly funded then rezoning would not be an issue. Join me in support of our children's future and in keeping Hoover great. Vote Dr. Middlebrooks in August. WWW.Facebook.com/vote for our schools/

Dr. Casey Middlebrooks more than 2 years ago


I apologize for the typos as I am the victim of my phone's autocorrect feature.

Dr. Casey Middlebrooks more than 2 years ago

New Apartments

1000% Agree with Burke. Here we are waiting to see where our kids will be rezoned to go to school next year because Ross Bridge developed and the Elementary school that was supposed to come with it never materialized. This is a slap in the face to all of us who have been attending the rezoning meetings asking why don't we build more schools before we add more residents. This will create another traffic issue as well to add to the already overwhelming problem of traffic in this area.

Doug Smith Jr. more than 2 years ago

New apartments

Why would we even entertain allowing ANY new apartments when overcrowding in our schools is an issue already, not to mention rezoning is such a hot controversial topic too. Where are all these new families going to send their children to school? What are new apartments going to do to the property values in this area? It isn't going to make them go up... Hoover is already struggling for space to allow our children to all participate in the various sports available to them. This is not going to make it any better/easier. This needs to be tabled until the current issues that are facing the city of Hoover are currently resolved. What about city services. Will Hoover need additional police/firefighters to insure everyone's safety? This appears to be a way for US Steel to make another buck without any concern for the existing residents of the city of Hoover.

Burke Holley more than 2 years ago

Could not agree more...

It's insane... we have enough apartments. Our children are already about to be rezoned and it sickens me to think they are going to try and shove more and more people in our area. Enough is enough.

Heather Ponder more than 2 years ago

US Steel's 840 apts

Are they going to pay for the new school this will force Hoover to build. And Apartments DO NOT increase the value of a city.

Robin more than 2 years ago

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