Scene for 'Trading Paint' movie starring John Travolta, Shania Twain to be shot in Hoover Friday



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Well dang Nick I thought you had a fine physique, you would of been perfect for the part, miss working for you, Carie

Carie Armstrong 315 days ago


Been going to Golden Rule Hoover since 1990, Love the Atmosphere, Owner Nick nothing but Nice( No one is Perfect) The Precious Child and the Humble owner were maybe both having a bad day. I know Nick and if you read him wrong, I know he wouldn't want that. So please don't hold a grudge. Blessings to you and your family and the waitresses who need their tips to feed their own Kids. Just forgive and move on.

Billy Gore 321 days ago

Love This BBQ Place!!

Been eating BBQ at this place on Friday nights for over 30's great and I love the old comfy decor. Sorry the child was sick, but I applaud the owner for asking the family to leave. This is a "family restaurant," but that doesn't mean other customers want to hear or see a child crying, yelling, bouncing around, etc. through their meal. Kids will be kids, but if your children are having trouble behaving for whatever reason, leave if you can't control them or take them outside until they settle down. Don't spoil a great meal for everyone else!

Sue Phillips 325 days ago

Truly Great Barbecue!

I've been to Golden Rule many times, and never saw or experienced rudeness or disrespect by staff there. In addition, I am a barbecue aficionado, and it is tops on my list for excellent BBQ!

Stu 325 days ago


I sure hope there isn't any young children in the movie! My family and I were in his restaurant a few years back and my 3 yr old daughter wasn't feeling good so she was crying and I was trying to get her quiet! We ordered drinks and before the drinks were brought to the table the "OWNER" came over to our table and said "Ma'am, I am sorry but you are going to have to get her quiet or I am going to have to ask y'all to leave! I have CUSTOMERS COMPLAINING!!!! EXCUSE ME!! LAST TIME I CHECKED I WAS A CUSTOMER!!! Not only did he say that, but I told him I was trying to calm her down and he said "when my kids were that age I took them outside and tore their britches up!" Well, she wasn't feeling good and I wasn't going to spank her for something she couldn't help!!! She was quietening down...BUT WE GOT UP AND LEFT BECAUSE OF THIS RUDE SO CALLED OWNER!! We made it a point to go in there and eat EVERYTIME WE WENT TO BIRMINGHAM EVERY SINCE OUR PASTOR INTRODUCED US TO THE PLACE! We had to go back and forth a lot for check ups, etc since my husband was being treated for cancer! Never any problems until this one particular night! Needless to say that is all it took!! We won't be back in there EVER AGAIN!

Sandy Smith 325 days ago

Gotta agree with owner

Have to agree with owner. Yes, you were a customer, but, if your child wasn't feeling well, why did you go out to dinner instead of getting take out and taking her home? Other customers expect a peaceful meal.

Perdido 325 days ago

Good work!

Way to go, Perdido. Keep this bored, depressed mother and her opinions off the intarwebs.

Spanky Robinson 325 days ago


After reading the comment from the Mother a second time it sounds to me the family does not live in the area but were coming in to Burmingham for MD appointments for her husbands cancer. Sounds like the family had a long day and the child was tired. Sitting in an MD office or clinic most of the day has a way of wearing you down. I feel sure the Mom was doing everything she could to calm her child. The family probably still had a long drive ahead of them and needed time to sit down and eat and try to relax before getting back on the road.
Your comments are so rude and uncaring for a family who was in need of some kindness being shown to them.

Granma 325 days ago



Arlinda 325 days ago

please no

please stop

please none of that 322 days ago


I agree totally. Have any of you ever went out to eat with a young child? This family was a customer. Same as you!

Cindy Sanders 324 days ago