Public backlash spurs Hoover to reconsider name for $80 million sports complex



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You know, Hoover has an abundance of malcontents!

In some areas, they call them bitchers. Regardless of what they are called, the story is always the same: Why didn't you ask ME? It's been true for the schools, for the roads, for new developments, for school buses, for virtually everything. And, know what? The bitchers have THEIR people on the council now. So, let's remember to check back with them, say 42 months from now, to see how they feel, OK? We have a REPRESENTATIVE form of government. Those representatives are ELECTED and given the power to MAKE DECISIONS. And, I for one, resent the fact that Councilman Middlebrooks referred to the Hoover Sportplex decision as "an ordeal" because, for me, at least, it wasn't and isn't a problem. Nor do I have any involvement with it whatsoever. I do think it is a good idea regardless of "who was asked" about it and when! This "EVERYBODY" has no animosity WHAT-SO-EVER toward it.

Now that the pro-school forces have risen to the elective occasion, we'll see whose ox gets gored. But, I'd like to remind you that gold plating the schools is a stupid proposition. Hoover schools should be great but not gold plated. I know there is a segment in Hoover who feel that nothing, absolutely nothing, is too good for their children. And, that's especially true when the entire city is footing the bill. Those people wouldn't be satisfied if every, single tax dollar went to the schools. However, without fire and police protection along with other city services, just how satisfied would they be?

I am sick and tired of all of the bitching about school funding. The schools system has long had a more than adequate reserve fund. It's about time it was whittled down some and, thankfully, it has been due to those council members who had the good sense to fund the schools adequately. I suspect that we are in for a period of over-funding. Time will tell. But, if that is the case, you can bet that the pendulum will swing the other way in a few years. It always does. So, squeeze those golden school dollars while you can!

G Ettinu more than 1 year ago


How about Grand Slam or Hoover Grand Slam?

Will more than 1 year ago

"The BAM" nickname

From the article "However, SFM officials felt it was important to get the name “Alabama” in the facility to elevate it and make it easier to identify at the national level for people who may not be familiar with Hoover. They chose “The Bam” because it’s a shorter nickname that people — including kids — would be able to remember easier, Whittaker said."

With all due respect to Mr. Whittaker, having Alabama in the name of this sports complex will not elevate it to a national level. The qualities of the facilities and the events held at the facility will be what elevates it to a national level. I don't wonder where Staples Arena is located because it doesn't have "LA" or "California" in it's name. I know where it is because of the quality of sports and entertainment events that are held there. Was he concerned people who aren't familiar with Hoover would wonder if we were located next to the Hoover Dam? Anyone involved in sports in the South (or who watched MTV when "Two-A-Days" was aired) will recognize Hoover in the name of a sports complex. And having a nickname for it so that kids can recognize and recall the name? That to me undermines the intelligence of children by saying they are incapable of remember a name such as "Hoover Sports Complex" and have to resort to a nickname that is already being used by a well known bookstore chain and a local restaurant/bar. Sometimes simple is best. Just my .02 worth.

Peggy E. Darby more than 1 year ago

At Last!

Thank you Casey Middlebrooks for recognizing the need for including the Hoover citizens in decisions. What a welcome change from the way it's been done before!
I like the suggestions of Hoover SportsPlex, Hoover SuperPlex, etc. Keep it simple and put Hoover in the name. It's not a state (Alabama) facility; it's a Hoover facility. SFM officials who said some people might not be familiar with Hoover. Well I imagine most of them have computers and can Google!

Hoover resident more than 1 year ago


Well it can be ALA. Or HOO. I like Hoover Sportsplex. Good idea.

Sara Love Rast more than 1 year ago

More Wasted money?

And on top of that, there was wasted money on hats/shirts and who knows what else "BAM" stuff after prematurely giving the name. I know it's a drop in the bucket overall, but wasted money is wasted money if Hoover paid for it.... our tax dollars.

Concerned more than 1 year ago

Should never have hired them ...

Goes to show we should never have hired an out of state "management" company. Obviously they are channeling Alabama University's nick name intentionally or not ! Why are we not using our money to hire a resident of our city to run the sports center ? Very lazy of our leaders to farm it out and use our taxes instead of common sense.

Stephanie Newman more than 1 year ago

The Plex / The Spec

It's a sports complex, so "The Plex". The Spec would incorporate Sports, Event, and Complex.
The new name could refer to the new center/fields, while The Met would refer to the original ballpark.

Stephen Hunt more than 1 year ago

Hoover SportsPlex

What about the obvious - Hoover SportsPlex? With an underneath tag of Southeastern Sports and Events Center? I think Hoover should be in the name.

Kristin Landers more than 1 year ago


I like your idea

cascilda farris more than 1 year ago

Hoover Met

Just make it simple....Hoover MetPlex

Barbara Miller more than 1 year ago

Hoover MetPlex

Great suggestion Barbara Miller! Hoover MetPlex!

Linda Carey more than 1 year ago

Sporty McSportFace


A C more than 1 year ago


What we will have is indeed SUPER!
Call it what is is!
SUPERPLEX: Sports, Events...
The SUPERPLEX in Hoover, Alabama.

Dan Fulton more than 1 year ago


No one had a problem with the name until they were would we know the name until it was announced?

Thank goodness our new leaders will be in office soon. thank you, Casey, for starting the transition to transparency.

Kathy Torres more than 1 year ago

April HV Sun