New Democrat group forms in Hoover



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Is this paper a leftist paper now?

Advertiser's need to know! We support free speech just don't use our business to pay for your support of left leaning organizations.

Brian 8 days ago


Hi Brian,
The Hoover Sun does not have any political affiliation. However, when we receive news from community organizations – on either side of the political spectrum or not associated with politics at all – we share this information as a service to our readers who may be interested.
Sydney Cromwell
Managing Editor 5 days ago

Democrats make Great Neighbors!

This is wonderful! Democrats are working to make America great for everyone. I am looking forward to discussing how we can save Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, & health insurance for everyone. I hope any GOP persons who are interested in these topics & want to work on these issues will feel encouraged to attend, as their current representative, Gary Palmer, is not listening to the fact that many of his constituents, GOP & Democrat, are deeply concerned about activity in Washington surrounding these issues.

Leah Burke 9 days ago

Great news

So happy to see this. Have many more elections to win!

Dana Ellis 10 days ago

Good news for concerned citizens

Fantastic! Strong Alabamians returning to the simple beliefs that we are all created equal. Recognizing that government has a purpose - and that purpose isn't further enriching the pockets of wealthy donors at the expense of regular folk.

Dana 10 days ago


An awful lot of liberals and Democrats have felt as if they were the only one around for too long. We've all been too intimidated to talk about what we really think, and that reinforces the idea that Alabama is deep red.

But statewide, I understand that we're 40% of the voters.

Even if we don't win an election, it's a good thing to expand the political discussion.

OldGalNumberCruncher 10 days ago

Great news

I am looking forward to joining.

Margaret 10 days ago


This is a great development for Hoover and the rest of the BHM metro area. Organizing ourselves and speaking out in solidarity, instead of just thinking what we’ve got is the only option, will have huge impacts in the coming election cycles.

Lucie 10 days ago

Core Democratic Party Issues

Keeping minorities in poverty, racial division, hating the police, pro-illegal immigration, high unemployment, higher taxes, pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion...


Guy 10 days ago


Do you have stats to back this?

Guy Too 10 days ago

Let's talk

If that's what you think of Democrats, you probably don't know many of us. Would you like to discuss what we actually want to do?

I'd like to hear more about what you think should happen, too.

OldGalNumberCruncher 10 days ago

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