Hoover officials propose upgrades for Star Lake; public feedback meeting set



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Take care of the animals and the neighborhood

Please post a sign regarding what to feed ducks. Also, fewer food truck events would be ideal. I have a friend who is planning on renting out their lakefront home, as the get-togethers have become too frequent and drivers are not being safe when attempting to park on the edge of their yard.

Nicole Self 331 days ago

Protect the ducks and geese

They should add to the agenda a way to protect the ducks and geese and keep children chasing and kicking them. Happens everyday when I walk there.

Leslie Melton 333 days ago

Keep your kids under control

Maybe that's not the City's responsibility. Maybe it falls to the parents or guardians of the children to teach their kids proper behavior....could that be?

Jay Peters 333 days ago

June 2018