Hoover council to vote Monday on $70 million Sportsplex, increase in school funding



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Fair Enough

That's a fair point that a lot of tax dollars are made from tourism here. But that doesn't do the schools any good if the city doesn't allocate enough of that money for the schools. That's my only point.
I actually have 2 children who are active in Hoover sports and would benefit from the venue.
I just want some commitment to take care of the schools.

Fed Up more than 2 years ago

Dig Deeper

Tourism. The city is built on it. Do your research now. If you have any problems after that bring it up in early 2016! Hoover's Happenin'

Hoover'sNextGenerationLeader more than 2 years ago

Where would revenues go?

I would be open to the idea if there could be some way of making sure the revenues from the proposed venue would go to restoring school funding. But even if they say it would, how would be know it wasn't just lip service?

Fed Up more than 2 years ago

Sounds like it's time for a change in Hoover

Even if they approve the 1.5 million dollar increase for the schools, this is still a far cry from the amount that was stripped away. Sounds like they are just wanting to pretend to be interested in supporting the schools, but not really serious.
It just might be time for residents to consider banding together to replace those that are not serious.

Fed Up more than 2 years ago

The choice is telling

Sports v. Educations. Choosing to use a lot of City money to buld an extravaganza of a sports complex instead of using money to help Hoover's underfunded schools is a telling choice that demonstrates this City Council's priorities and the direction in which this Council wants to take Hoover.

Barry V. Frederick more than 2 years ago