City of Hoover seeks to rezone land along I-459 to block apartment development



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NO MORE APARTMENTS!!!!! Hoover City's resources can NOT handle or afford ANY more apartments!!!!!

kelly green 333 days ago

Might be a court issue

A City can change your zoning without your permission but can't downzone a property or spot zone so if the property owner takes it to court it would take a judge to decide.

Kevin S. 350 days ago


Thank you, thank you, thank you. The city of Hoover does not need 850-900 additional apartments and everyone--including US Steel--knows that.

Kay Kolb 350 days ago

Doesn't need apartments?...really?

I believe what you mean is that the city of Hoover does not want 850-900 more brown people. If you are going to hate then own it.

B. Clyde 349 days ago


NO MORE APARTMENTS!!! The city's resources can't handle ANY more apartments!!!!

kelly green 333 days ago

Audio Recording of Meeting

Dan Fulton 351 days ago

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