Deep dish pizza restaurant opening in Hoover



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No Chef here

Johnny Harrington from Primeaux Cheese & Vino, who was fired for never being there. I worked with this clown, he's definitely no chef.

Casey L. Mena 1 day ago

love deep dish

Love their loop pizza with their cake trio

cody 28 days ago

best food ever

I hard so great experience bread service their cheese is awesome the deep dish was amazing

jessica 28 days ago


worst lasagna I ever had, for 10.00 lunch , no bread no salad it was 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick three bites it was done. Didn't taste good either. sorry i won't be back.

Gene Ruggerio 28 days ago

Tortuga's was there

I recall that Tortuga's Pizza, better known for its location on Hwy. 150 across from Walmart, had a location previously in the same building as this one, perhaps in the same space. Anyway, there's no such things as too much Chicago deep-dish pizza -- says the man who once drove 125 miles out of his way to stop in Chicago for a deep-dish years ago.

Robert Carter 28 days ago

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