Bluff Park to get new coffeehouse, gift shop, tutoring center



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Welcome to The Bluff!

We are stoked for this addition to Bluff Park!! I would love to have the option for small plates/bites to eat with coffee & tea!! Best of luck to you guys!

Heather 262 days ago

Organic coffee

Would be so awesome if you guys provide organic coffees and teas as an option!

Shannon 262 days ago


The word "brews"—certainly during the current craft brewing craze—typically refers to BEER, not coffee. While I would welcome either at the location, the name is confusing. Don't try to be too cute with it, "Linger Longer Coffee & Tea" works just fine.

DaddyBigBoy 269 days ago


I agree. When I first heard the name, I assumed it was a brewery or bar.

MCuthbert 269 days ago


It sure got my hopes up! But coffee is great too.

Jill 269 days ago


Bluff Perk is nice. 😊

AM 262 days ago